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The Top 9 Reasons Commercial Epoxy Flooring Is An Excellent Investment

In business, it’s all about knowing which investments will pay the most significant dividends. Choosing the right investment, and your business will reap the benefits for years to come. Whether the business is commercial or industrial in nature, one of the best investments you can make is a commercial epoxy floor. In the is article, I’ll explain why an epoxy flooring application delivers the best ROI.

#1- Commercial Epoxy Flooring Significantly Improves Safety
One of the most critically important factors essential for any business is safety. This includes protecting customers and employees from the risk of injury. Commercial epoxy flooring provides an extra layer of security to commercial, industrial and retail flooring. For example, a warehouse with an epoxy floor will provide the benefit of:
  • Fewer slips, falls and other injuries among workers.
  • Reduced risk of fire and heat-related accidents.
  • Reduced downtime due to accidents and injuries.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
#2 – Commercial Epoxy and Quartz Flooring are Highly Impact Resistant
Depending on the type of business and industry, floors can take a severe beating from falling debris. (This is especially true of concrete.) However, when a floor is coated with an epoxy application, its resistance to different type of impacts, spills, foot traffic, and more is increased ten-fold! Plus, many objects that would be damaged or destroyed by falling on an untreated floor tend to suffer minimized damage after falling onto an epoxy floor. Lastly, stains are a minor problem and cleans up relatively easy due to it’s durability because an epoxy floor repels a wide variety of liquids.

#3 – Long-Term Cost Savings from a Commercial Epoxy Flooring Application 
If you look at what it would cost to replace a floor, say in a massive warehouse, it would be extremely cost-prohibitive. Even in a smaller warehouse, a commercial/industrial business, an educational institution, or other types of business with massive floor space, replacing damaged floors can cost an arm and a leg! That’s not the case if you have a commercial epoxy floor application, because as we mentioned earlier, they are highly resistant to damage, stains, and more.
Traditional flooring becomes stained, damaged, and fades over time. With an epoxy floor, repairing and replacing the floor(s) is practically eliminated. The cost-savings alone can be a significant factor for many businesses to choose an epoxy flooring application.

#4 – Cleaning a Commercial Epoxy Floor is Fast and Easy
A typical concrete floor can be a time-consuming chore to clean, which can take up valuable working hours every day. An epoxy floor is smooth and non-porous, which makes cleaning a breeze, and the good thing is dirt, dust, spills and debris can’t get trapped in it either. It’s also very easy to sweep, mop and keep clean.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring

#5 – A Quartz Epoxy Floor is Resistant to Most Chemicals
In many industries, there are a number of different chemical compounds that can cause damage to a commercial/industrial floor. If your business uses chemicals in some way or another as part of your operation, the decision to get a commercial epoxy floor application in your facility is relatively an easy one. They’re incredibly resistant to almost all substances, even many that are caustic and would cause irreparable damage to a traditional floor’s surface. This is why many of the largest factories, warehouses, and industrial plants have epoxy flooring for this very reason.

#6 – Custom Aesthetics are No Problem with Commercial Epoxy Flooring
FACT: Commercial epoxy flooring is one of the most attractive types of flooring systems available on the market today. No matter where it’s applied, it just looks great, especially when compared to dull concrete and other traditional flooring. One reason why epoxy flooring is so attractive is that it comes in an almost infinite number of colors, including a variety of metallics, flakes, pigments, and unlimited color effects can be mixed and matched to create color schemes that improve safety, allow for branding, and create a work environment that’s safe and attractive.  

#7- Epoxy Flooring Improves Lighting and Brightness
The average concrete floor is, as we’ve already mentioned, rather dull. Even worse, they don’t reflect light, creating the need for more lighting and thus higher energy costs. On the other hand, commercial epoxy flooring is great at reflecting light, which can significantly brighten up any workplace. This is a big plus for workers and a business’s bottom-line, because it increases brightness and decreases the need for additional auxiliary lighting. 
Commercial Epoxy Flooring

#8- Installing a Commercial Epoxy Floor Is Fast and Efficient
In the world of business, time is money. The longer a process takes, the lower the ROI, which makes epoxy flooring a great choice. The reason being is an epoxy floor can be installed relatively quickly. In many cases, it can even be installed over the period of a weekend so that when workers, clients, or customers come in on a Monday, the new epoxy floor is ready. Depending on the dimensions of the floor being treated, the curing time for a commercial epoxy floor is less than 24 hours. (This can vary from project to project, of course.)

#9- Commercial Epoxy and Quartz Floors Last for Years
As we mentioned earlier, epoxy flooring is impact-resistant, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean. That adds up to a floor that will last far longer than practically any other type of traditional commercial flooring. Epoxy floors are incredibly durable as well as scratch, chip, and crack-resistant. Quartz flooring is even more durable, as quartz is one of the hardest materials in the world. That adds up to a floor that will last for years, and look great while doing so. Clearly a win-win for any business.

In Conclusion
We hope you now see the many benefits that a commercial epoxy floor can deliver for your business. We’re Epoxy Flooring Pros, Michigan’s #1 commercial epoxy flooring experts. Whether you need an epoxy floor for your factory floor, indoor living space, industrial warehouse, retail location or educational institution, we have the expertise to get the job done right! In short, we can deliver a commercial epoxy floor that will wow your employees and clients alike.
If you have any questions about epoxy flooring, including costs, installation time, colors, etc., please feel free to call us directly at (248) 759-8055, or click HERE to leave your name and contact information and one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will get to you within 24 hours!